Aluminum Patio Awning

Aluminum Patio Awning

Among the most popular type of awnings for porches and decks that you will find (and with good reason,) an aluminum patio awning incorporates all the benefits of aluminum, the material from which it is constructed. These benefits are numerous and include:

  • Sturdy – won’t blow away like a canvas or other fabric type patio awning, provides completely sun and rain coverage.
  •  Durable – many different styles of finish that don’t require paint, won’t wear extensively with age and are attractive in appearance.
  •  Low Maintenance – once an aluminum patio awning is in place, there is very little else to do on your part. Simply sit back and enjoy the shade.
  •  Light Weight – very important when it comes to assembly and installation.
  • Inexpensive – cost effective per square foot compared to other materials.

A typical aluminum porch awning will use a heavy gauge (from .025 to .05) and a hard alloy of aluminum. A baked on finish of enamel is designed to withstand the test of time, never chipping, peeling, flaking, or deteriorating in any other way. This type of finish is completely maintenance free, never requiring paint or other care.

The great thing about an aluminum patio awning is its versatility. It can be used strictly on its own, if you’re looking for the best deal, or in conjunction with a number of useful, easily integrated extras if price is no option. Hurricane netting and other forms of screening offer a high degree of added protection against high winds, rain, animals and insects while maintaining the open breathability essential to a comfortable outdoor area. Railing can give a metal awning a more “finished look” by tying everything into a neat package, without the full enclosure experienced with screening, and insulation ensures one hundred percent waterproofing for those really damp climates.

All around, an aluminum patio awning is truly a great invest for just about anyone. It provides shade for your deck or porch and other outdoor areas, which can have a marked increase on your usage of these areas. Like other types of awnings, it also blocks the sun from entering your home and causing annoying glares or fading of carpet and furniture. In addition to all of this, an aluminum patio awning can actually increase the worth of your home, offering significant aesthetic and functionality.

The manufacturer from whom you decide to purchase your aluminum patio awning will determine many of the additional benefits you receive. These include warranties (either on the entire awning system or on individual materials, such as an aluminum warranty,) free shipping, discounts and other perks. It’s definitely worth shopping around.

Aluminum awnings aren’t just for patios, either. They can be applied with great effect to all of the different surfaces of your home. Windows, doors, carports and stand alone structures are fabulous examples of the many options available to you. Adding awnings to the windows and other glass surfaces of your house will not only shade them, but significantly reduce your energy bill by effectively stopping the ambient heat that leeches in through the glass. Depending on where the windows in your house are, this can equal a savings of up to 65 percent! Truly, is there any excuse not to invest in an aluminum patio awning?

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