Aluminum Patio Cover

Aluminum Patio Cover

Aluminum patio covers are a great, versatile and inexpensive way to shield a deck, patio, porch or other surface from exposure to the elements. They are the perfect tool to make backyards and other outdoor areas completely accessible during pouring raining, blazing sun or other deterring conditions that might otherwise restrict you to the interior of your home. Unlike a flimsy umbrella or canvas awning, an aluminum patio cover won’t fade, rip, split, pill, crack or burn. It provides 100% complete shading coverage with none of the concern for drips or wet furniture that an umbrella might produce.

Aluminum awnings aren’t just for decks either — they can be applied with great effect to both doors and windows, and are readily available in the smaller, cheerful designs necessary to accomodate such locations. They come in many colors and configurations, included horizontal, vertical, slatted, and alumawood to match any style home, deck, window, carport, or anything else you can think to use them for!

A common material for a good aluminum patio cover is extruded aluminum with an enamel finish baked on to ensure permanence and effectiveness. This also has the added benefit of being beautiful to look at, maintenance free, never requiring any kind of painting. Alumawood is a newer material designed to look like prime quality wood, and like extruded aluminum is extremely durable. There is a wide range of sizes available to fit almost any area, and all support beams are .093 gauge extruded aluminum. Typically included components are: header rail, tilt beam, fluted 3×3 posts, fluted cast iron footings, pan, valance and gutter.

The baked enamel finish is also warranted against chipping, peeling and flaking. It has the amazing ability to retain its high gloss shine and vibrant color for years to come with no need of paint of any kind. Aluminum is also completely resistant to termites, so no worries about invasive insects hollowing out wood decking.

Aluminum patio covers don’t have to be a stand-alone structure. If your patio or deck is elevated, consider the cheap inclusion of simple, sturdy hand railing around the edges. If you live near a body of water they can easily and completely be enclosed with screening to keep pesky mosquitos at bay. Other accessories and options include insulated protector panels, electrical support brackets, longer posts and an insulated roof kits for waterproofness — most of which are easily expandable at a later date! Some other manufacturers offer fancy customizations such as bind trim colors, graphics, inject molded lettering and formed plastic lettering.

If you’re dealining with a local patio cover dealer they usually include the option for installation. However, you can save a significant chunk of change if you opt to do it yourself. Most aluminum patio covers are extremely easy to install, and require only the minimum of common hand tools like pliers and a screwdriver. Each kit comes with all hardware included in a complete, ready-to-assemble package and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with illustrations for proper and safe installation.

The type of material, size and the number of options you choose are all factors that affect the pricing of your aluminum patio cover. If your not concerned with particulars, some manufactured patio covers can be purchased cheaply and suffice well for simply applications. If you require more customization, oftentimes materials for aluminum patio covers are priced by the square foot.

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